To pull your socks up, idiom in Dutch and English

The English idiomatic expressions,”To pull your socks up” has a Dutch counterpart “Je mouwen oprollen.”

When someone tells you to “pull your socks up,” they’re usually telling you to improve your performance or get your act together. It’s like a gentle (or sometimes not so gentle) kick in the butt to start taking things seriously and stop slacking off. The origin of this phrase is unclear, but maybe it comes from the idea of a sports(wo)man pulling up her/his socks before a game to get ready.

In Dutch, the equivalent expression is “Je mouwen oprollen,” which translates to “roll up your sleeves.” This expression has a similar meaning to “pull your socks up,” in that it’s a call to action and a reminder to get serious and start working hard. The idea is that when you roll up your sleeves, you’re ready to tackle a difficult task or get to work.