idiomplanet – enjoy idioms from around the world

On this website and in our books you can browse through English language idioms,  similar expressions in French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. The idioms, illustrated by the gifted graphic artist Galih Windu also has its literal translation in the other language.


See an example for the equivalent French expression t it’s raining cats and dogs in this post.The principle is simple. The original expressions are illustrated next o each other, and below the idiom in the original language is their translation in the other language.

Language lovers will love the illustrations and even discover some new and amusing idioms. Language learners our idioms can be the key to really discover, enjoy and live the new language. And children will love the illustrations and become curious to discover languages.

On our website you will see a few examples, but there is more in our books. They are available as eBook on Amazon, and some also as paperback. We are even available in some bookstores in Brussels (tropismes, librebooks, filigranes, LeWolf European Bookstore Noyer and Waterstones). This book is an experiment, and in the long run we will look for a publisher. But before we would like to hear your feedback for the next, more complete, edition of our books.

Click here for the list of language combinations/idiom books (eBook and paperback) available at all Amazon sites.