All the books from idiomplanet

We already have published 8 bilingual idiom books (eBook and paperback), you can buy them on the various Amazon  websites, preferably choose you own country’s Amazon website to save postage. The English-French (Vol. 1) version is very similar to the French-English (Vol. 2) version. The only difference is that in the English version, the introductory text is in English, and the English idiom is shown first, followed by the French equivalent idiom. In the French-English version the order is inversed (first French, then English), and the introductory text is in French. The same applies to the English-German (Vol. 3) and the German-English (Vol. 4) versions, and to other language combinations. Recently we published the French-Dutch versions (Vol. 5 and 6), the English-Dutch versions (Vol. 7 and 8) the English-Spanish versions (Vol. 9 and 10) and the the English-Italian versions (Vol. 11 and 12). Find them on your preferred amazon site, just search for idiomplanet

In the coming months, we will publish more bilingual versions.